Flash Fiction: Womanly Wiles

img_3183Posted for your enjoyment, the March bolt of Friday Flash. F. Leonora Solomon hosts and curates a monthly flash fiction collection. Stories are written using an image prompt, such as this month’s XXX theater.


Womanly Wiles

by Devi Ansevi

“No, Betty.” He glared, daring her to say another word.

“Why not?” She turned from the soapy water, leaning against the counter and drying her hands.

Breath exploded in a frustrated huff. “Men in raincoats jerking off. You watch CSI, imagine all that stuff everywhere. Who knows what you could catch.”

Hands on hips now, it was Betty’s turn to glare. “Oh, for heaven’s sake. That’s not what it’s like.”

“How would you know? You been to one?”

“Yes, I have.”

“What? When?” Hap stared at his wife of thirty years as if she’d grown another head.

“Last year, in New York with my girlfriends.” Betty’s face softened, tongue touching her upper lip.

“You didn’t tell me about that.”

“Because I knew how you’d be. Don’t you glare at me, Hap Tandy. Like you don’t look at plenty of porn online. Do I ever say anything?”

Hap laughed with his whole body – belly shaking, hands slapping thighs. He wheezed, “Woman, you send me half the links!”

“That’s what I’m saying. It’s okay for people to watch porn now.” Her lips firmed. “I’m going with or without you.”

“But -.” Hap stared at her, dumbfounded. “I said no.”

“That’s fine. You don’t have to go.” Betty tossed her hair, hands still on her hips.

He caught a hint of peach-scented conditioner. A rush of lust accompanied the memories of thousands of nights falling asleep, face buried in her hair, wrapped around her comfortable curves.

She saw it in his eyes and pouted, “I am not in the mood for your hijinks, Mr. Stuffy Pants.”

His old nickname. She hadn’t used it in years. He shook himself a bit to unkink his sudden stiffy. Back when they first got married, Betty’d call him Mr. Stuffy Pants, use that sexy Marilyn Monroe voice and talk him into trying something dirty. She called it working her womanly wiles. He called it damn lucky.

He always gave in back then. This wasn’t going to be any different, but he gave it one more try. “How’d I look a customer in the eye next time he’s in the store, he sees me at a porno theater?”

“Ask him what he thought of the movie.”

He couldn’t help a grin at her quick wit.

Sensing weakness – scenting victory – she leaned against him. “Well? You going to let me go by myself?” Head back, her eyes challenged him to man up.

He pulled her close, savored her warmth, the feel of her big titties. “You gonna take care of this little problem?” He cupped deliciously full butt cheeks, pressed his boner against her belly.

She hummed and wriggled, but kept her focus. “You don’t like it, we can leave,” she promised. “Cherise says they sell beer.”

“Why didn’t you say so, woman?” He winked at her giggle and unsnapped her pants with one hand, while the other reached to close the kitchen curtains.


Check out Friday Flash to learn more (and read wonderfully sensual stories submitted by many other writers).



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