Review: Arrested by Passion

This is the book cover from Amazon. Really needs a good crop (as in photo-editing, you dirty thing)

Go forth, my brave ones, and feast your eyes on a tender, steamy tale. After you read this review, of course.

Arrested by Passion (the Complete Series) by JD Carabella is a developing Dom/sub love story between police officer Stephen (Stephen: Stop, in the name of the Law! Me: No, please, don’t stop.) and reporter of the weird Kathleen (Kathleen: Mmm, a bubblebath, must touch myself. Me: Stop, he’ll spank you if you masturba -. On second thought, please continue.).

The series is early-ish 20th century, in an alternate reality where demons, witches, and magic are all real, where women can be reporters and drive cars and sleep over with their boyfriends and spy on witches binding monsters to them with sex magic. Where a reporter writes about those strange happenings for a tabloid while sending reports about what’s really going on to a governing council of witches.

To be honest, I paid less attention to the monsters because I was in love with the passion between Kathleen and Stephen.

I loves me some paranormal porn…I mean erotica. Actually, I really *do* mean erotica. The intimate scenes – half a dozen packed into less than 200 pages – are tastefully hot and sweetly tasty. Very much enjoyed the development of the Dom/sub relationship between Stephen and Kathleen.

Other reviewers have noted that the paranormal aspect takes a backseat to the relationship. So if you’re mainly interested in the witchy aspects, well… You probably won’t find as much as you’d like. That’s not my main purpose in reading erotica. And sure, I’d love it to have been longer (harder, deeper), because the interactions between the strong, tender, dominant Stephen and strong, independent, submissive Kathleen melted my undies. However, I think it’s the mark of a truly good story when it leaves you satisfied, yet wanting more.

Bottom line: a hot series by a talented writer. This book satisfied on all fronts. And backsides.

The Arrested by Passion series (books 1-5, 193 pages) is on Kindle Unlimited through Amazon US and Amazon UK.

This is an unsolicited review, based on me downloading for my own reading pleasure, and then deciding I liked it a hella lot and wanted to write a review. Plus, I figured someone should let readers know that from a hotness factor, this is a 5 star series. Relatively mild on the kink scale – a bit of voyeuristic thrill-seeking, a smacked ass. The heat between this couple, though, the heat… elevates it to scorching.








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