Flash Fiction: Good Teacher


She was on the prowl.

Black cocktail dress flowing over svelte curves, dark hair on the verge of tumbling out of a chignon. Stripes of gray at each temple in stark contrast to big blue eyes and peaches and cream complexion. A combination of mature sophistication and startled naiveté. A buxom, aging milk maid, she often joked. Complete with big udders. Not that she’d complain. Large breasts had as often gotten her into spectacularly delicious trouble as out of it.

The anonymous cocktail bar in an anonymous city was perfect. The perfect place to scratch the itch. The one she only scratched far from nosy students and judgmental colleagues.

She tingled at the pleasurable memory of the last out-of-town conference. Over a year since she got her freak on. Nipples puckering, Cassie wriggled a bit on the bar stool.

Knowing they were watching, she licked salt from the rim. Pink tongue lingering until salt crystals began to melt between glass and heated flesh. Bitter salt, followed by the smooth, silky sweet lime and liquor.

Enjoying the anticipation, Cassie turned her head to study the two men on her right. Similar physical types. Medium height, medium build. Strong, hairy arms. Competent hands. Maybe ten years younger.

She smiled at the nearest man’s quick sideways glance. He smiled back. A cute, shy smile. They had seated themselves next to her ten minutes before, talked about their Fantasy Football picks while checking her out in the bar’s mirror.

She licked more salt, swallowed the last of the ‘rita. When she set the glass down, the nearest cutie offered, “Buy you another?”

She nodded, smiled. “Thanks.”

The dance was begun. Cassie charmed them, set them at ease, laughed with them. Played with her hair, touched her lips. Seduced the would-be seducers.

They drank and chatted through another margarita. Pleasantly buzzed, Cassie asked the men to walk her to her hotel. Then to walk her to her room. Then to come in for a nightcap.

She left them on the couch, flipping through channels. In the bathroom, Cassie winked at her reflection. She shimmied out of her dress and into a silky negligee, eyes sparkling with wicked anticipation.

She opened the door and posed. “Gentlemen.” Voice husky, inviting. Their eyes tracked downward. Unbound hair, flowing over her shoulders. Unbound breasts, pressing against thin silk. Shadowy mauve nipples already eager for attention. Silky bare legs. “You don’t have to leave right away, do you?”

Mute, they shook their heads.

“I’m so glad.” She pulled the spread off the king-sized bed. Pulled back the sheets and settled on the edge. Patted the mattress on either side. “Join me?”

Her words jerked them to their feet, pants taut over growing erections.

“Ever shared a woman?” she asked.

“No,” they chorused. Sitting almost primly with legs together, ankles crossed, hands on their knees, like well-behaved schoolboys.

“Mm.” Cassie curved both hands over theirs. “Want to?”

“Yes.” Heads nodded in unison.

Cassie grinned. “Excellent. I’m a good teacher.”


 Good teacher ©2016 by Devi Ansevi. The story continues in Good Teacher part 2, part 3, and part 4!


Posted for your enjoyment, the April bolt of Friday Flash. F. Leonora Solomon hosts and curates a monthly flash fiction collection. Stories are written using an image prompt, such as this month’s image of a sign for cocktails.

Check out more delicious entries (and consider posting your own!) at the Friday Flash site.



  1. Cheeky! I love your descriptions of her drinking her cocktail – very well done.And this too -” Large breasts had as often gotten her into spectacularly delicious trouble as out of it.” Ahem – can relate to that one!


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