Good Teacher 2

(Part 2 of Good Teacher.) #WickedWednesday

Cassie loved working with such eager students. The men followed her lead. Touched what they were told to touch. Licked, sucked, bit, caressed, rubbed as she commanded.

“Have you done anal?” she asked them.  Mike shook his head. Sean nodded, said, “Once. She didn’t like it.”

“I’ll show you how to do it right,” Cassie promised, stroking both men’s cocks, enjoying the contrast. Sean was thick and stubby with a thick, wiry bush and a neat, tucked up set of balls. Mike had a long, slender shaft and a big, floppy sac.

She’d already decided Mike would go first, open her up. Easier to take Sean’s thicker girth after. Cassie reached for the lube, flipped open the cap. Gripped Mike’s hand.

“Would you like to slide a finger into my ass?”

He swallowed hard and nodded.

When he dripped with lube, she curved onto her side. Turned her head to give him a reassuring smile, and parted lush buttocks with long, slender fingers.

“Here,” she said, husky with excitement.

He pressed against the tight entrance. The only sounds in the room slick, slippery sliding and her quiet moan.

“Deeper,” she encouraged. “All the way.” After a moment, she instructed, “Use two fingers now.” Cassie’s eyes closed to savor the delicious stretch.

“Yesss,” she sighed. “Lovely.”

Sean alternated sucking her nipples and watching what his friend was doing, stroking himself unconsciously in time with Mike’s rhythm.

After a couple of minutes, Cassie said, “Wonderful. I want that gorgeous cock. Glove up, hon, and use lots of lube.”

Cassie and Sean kissed while Mike got ready. He lay down behind her and Cassie canted her hips, reaching back to hold herself open. He butted against her eagerly.

“Slow,” she said, breath catching when the tip hit the bulls-eye. “Slow.”

He froze, then pushed forward carefully. She made approving noises, fighting to stay relaxed.

She adored the burning stretch, the ache on the edge of pain. Always, always she wanted to shove herself backward, hurry even as her body resisted.

Long moments later he was all the way in, hips flush with hers, heaving for breath.

“How does it feel?” she asked.

“God,” he said, burying his face in her neck. “Fucking tight.”

“Yes.”  Cassie clenched on him, enjoying his groan.

Sean asked, “Feels good?”

“Oh, yes,” Cassie agreed. “Why don’t you join us?”

He didn’t need any encouragement. A moment later, Cassie had to remind him, “Slow. There’s a bit of a space constraint.” She moved her leg to give him more room.

Mike’s hand gripped her hip hard. She put a hand on Sean’s chest. “Hold up. Mike,” she asked, “How you doing back there?”

“Trying not to lose it,” he admitted.

She laughed, and he did, too. “Slide in and out a couple of times,” she said. “It will help me work you both inside. Nice and easy.”

Mike grunted and pulled back, almost all the way. Pushed inside, a long, smooth glide. On his next outstroke, Cassie said, “Hold there.” He went still.

“Sean,” she said. Reveling in the fullness, the excitement of introducing two men to her particular kink, the pleasure of being surrounded by warm, solid male bodies.

“Hm?” he asked, eyes focused over her hip. Cassie could picture what he saw. His friend’s cock, a rigid pole disappearing inside, the taut band of muscle stretched around it.

Cassie nipped his bottom lip to get his attention. “Try sliding all the way in now.”  She shivered at the look he gave her. The look that said, you’re still the teacher – for now.

He pushed inside, and Cassie sighed in pleasure. “That’s it. Now you, Mike.”

Full, finally full. “Feel good?” she asked, lazy and slow.

At their chorused yesses, she laughed. “Me, too. Let’s try opposites. Mike pulls out, Sean pushes in. Push-pull.”

She loved the gliding, sliding friction, always full and empty, bodies moving in sync, grunts and moans. Her eyes closed to focus on the sensation. It surprised her into a squeak when Sean pinched her nipple.  He laughed at her reaction and did it again.

“You like this?” he asked. “Like having both your holes stuffed? What if we both push inside you at the same time?” He stuttered the rhythm and filled her when Mike did. The tight fit made all three moan.

“Yes,” Cassie said. “I love it. Fuck me just like that.”

“Don’t know how long I can last,” Mike said, breathing hard, drops of sweat slicking his chest against Cassie’s back. “Intense.”

“Think of Fantasy Football,” Cassie said, huffing out a laugh at his frustrated groan. “How fast can you get it up again?”

“Jeez,” he said, “With you? Probably half an hour.”

Sean grunted, face taut with concentration, holding the rhythm. “Play with your cunt,” he said, still pinching her nipple, rolling it between callused fingertips.

Cassie pushed a hand between their bodies, rubbed her clitoris firmly, getting herself close. Heat, friction, stretching. “That’s it,” she said, still teaching. “Keep doing that, same speed, oh, I’m, oh-.”

Her voice fractured into silence. The sharp, bright pleasure from her clit. A thick shaft filling her pussy, deep strokes scratching the itch in her backside.

Glorying in the experience, she balanced for a timeless moment on the edge.

Sean squeezed her now-sore nipple hard, and the extra dollop of sensation rolled her into an orgasm. Whining, she clenched around their cocks, hips writhing.

Mike lost it first, pelvis rabbiting against her until he stilled, pulsing deep inside. Sean waited until Mike pulled out, then flipped her on her back and put her legs over his shoulders, pounding into her hard and fast while Cassie rubbed her clit, close to another orgasm but not pushing for it.

Sean’s head dipped and he shoved himself all the way in, coming silently, red-faced. He collapsed on one arm, caught himself and rolled to his side next to her. “Fuck,” he wheezed. “Amazing.”

Mike had cleaned himself up in the bathroom. Now he got back on the bed, curling along Cassie’s side. He kissed her shoulder, and she rubbed her cheek against his, stroking Sean’s chest, enjoying the closeness.

They lay in easy silence for a while, letting the sweat cool. Finally, Cassie stirred, cleared her throat. “You’re good students. Half an hour, you said?” A wicked smile curved her lips. “There’s lots more to learn.”

Good Teacher 2 © 2016 by Devi Ansevi

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wickedThis story was written in response to Wicked Wednesday 201 prompt “On the edge.”



Featured image on home page by Gerd (ipernity) [CC BY 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


    • I think there is a battle cry that’s similar, “Mount up, boys, for today we ride!” Ha. A hands-on teacher, she believes the best learning is experiential learning.


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