Good Teacher 3

(Part 3. Read Good Teacher and Good Teacher 2 here.) #WickedWednesday

“What’s your favorite position?” Cassie ran a fingernail along Sean’s bicep. Mike curled along her back, arm draped on her hip. Head propped on her shoulder, watching.

“Sexual?” Sean twitched when she found a ticklish spot.

Cassie lingered there, enjoying his shivers. “Unless you’d like to talk Fantasy Football,” she teased.

He snorted a laugh. “I like straight missionary. Looking into a woman’s face. Watching her come.”

Mike’s nod rasped stubble against her shoulder.

“Missionary men.” Annie Lennox played through her mind. She grinned. “What else? Doggie style? Reverse cowgirl?”

“Positions that highlight a woman’s ass,” Sean said perceptively. “Those your favorites?”

“Good guess,” Cassie said with a grin. She stirred and sat up. “Going to do some clean-up.”

“How come it wasn’t -,” Mike started, stopped. Swallowed.

Cassie looked at Sean’s flushed face and intuited his question. First time anal sex…She bet he’d expected more of a mess. “I prepared earlier,” she explained. His shyness prompted an almost maternal tenderness. She suppressed the urge to pat his head and got out of bed, aware the men’s eyes followed her naked ass all the way to the bathroom.

She closed the door and leaned back, listening to the rumble of masculine tones without hearing the words. Her body felt good. Well-used. Toys could provide a mechanical release, but to be truly sated, she needed heat and living hardness. To have someone else’s hand on the wheel.

Her nipples tightened at the memory of Sean’s expression during sex. He’d given her a look that said, “You’re still the teacher – for now.” She had high hopes for him becoming a handful.

When she opened the door, Sean leaned against the mirrored closet opposite. “You mind?” he asked. She shook her head and they traded places.

He closed the door and she walked over to the bed. Mike got up on his knees and hugged her. “You okay?” he asked.

“I’m good,” she said. “You’re good, too.” Winked at his grin and hugged him back.

The toilet flushed, water ran. Sean stood in the bathroom door and considered them a moment. Looked like he was making up his mind about something. Then he prowled toward Cassie.

“We thought of another position.”

She almost backed up a step at his wicked look, but Mike’s arms held her still. She forced an amused expression.

Sean crowded close. “Want to know what it is?”

“Sure.” She locked eyes with him. Mike let her go and got out of bed. A moment later, he pressed against her back.

“On your knees,” Sean said.

Cassie’s stomach dipped. “What?”

“On your knees.” Hands on her shoulders applied firm downward pressure.

“Now?” Despite the protest, Cassie let her knees soften, let herself sink to the carpeted floor. Mike, overcome by gentlemanly instinct, clasped supportive hands around her waist to aid the descent.

Sean didn’t relent. “It’s been half an hour. We’re ready to fuck. That’s what you want, isn’t it? To be fucked, every hole stuffed, to come over and over until you’re exhausted.”

Caged in, control shifting to another. Finally. She ran her tongue around her lips. “That’s what I want.”

“Can you suck us both?” Mike asked, excited and curious. Again she felt a rush of tenderness.

“I can try,” she said, mentally calculating. She reached for Sean first, testing the waters with his thicker head. She sucked hard, eased off, opened her mouth to let them see her tongue slather the head.

Mike groaned, holding himself in a desperate grip. “So fucking hot.”

“Come here.” She cupped his balls and tugged him closer. “Your cocks are going to touch, obviously. You both okay with that?”

They nodded.

She arranged them together, lavished the tips with big swirling licks, getting them wet, relaxing her mouth. Squeezed their shafts together, enjoying the view. Mike’s dick leaked pre-cum in a steady flow.

Like trying to cram a too-huge sandwich into my mouth, Cassie thought, and opened wide.

“Fuck,” Sean yipped when an incisor got too close. Cassie hummed an apology, somehow found a bit more room.

She could only get a bit past the heads. Mike had his hands on his hips, thrusting slightly, not even aware of his movement. Sean held still, hands buried in her hair. It was awkward, yet hotly erotic.

Her jaws quickly ached like the world’s worst balloon-blowing binge. Saliva built up, and she pulled back to swallow.

Sean tugged himself free. “Fuck her mouth,” he told Mike. “I’m going to fill her ass.”

He knelt behind her. Foil tore, a cap popped. Faster than she expected, slick, eager flesh pressed against her tightest entrance. She moaned a protest.

Sean curved his hand around her butt to hold her still. “Expecting a couple of fingers first? That’s not really what you want.” He pressed against the ring of muscle that resisted entry. “Is it?”

Cassie whined around Mike’s cock.  No. No, she didn’t want gentle. She wanted raw, aggressive. To be spread and taken.

Each time she relaxed slightly, Sean worked himself deeper. Murmured filthy things that made her clench and whimper.

“You’re tight, but you can take it. You like being spread, don’t you? Stretched until you want to scream?” He drilled deeper, each millimeter a delicious violation.

Cassie hugged Mike’s hips, sucked him for desperate comfort. On the edge of howling for mercy, or howling for more.

Sean buried his face in the back of her neck and rested a moment when his hips pressed tight to her backside. She relaxed. Achingly full, secretly relieved. She could handle him. Just.

Then he shifted position, gripped her hips tightly, and levering from his knees, began a steady, deep thrusting. Each time, he gained new ground, found a new place to stimulate. The sensations overwhelmed Cassie’s concentration.

Mike was the first to lose control. The sights, the sounds, Cassie’s warm, wet mouth. She felt his dick jerk, and wasn’t surprised when he panted a warning. “I’m close.”

Sean paused, gave her a chance to choose. Cassie responded by diving onto Mike and sucking hard. He shouted something, spurted, hips insistent. She swallowed him to the root as he softened.

Sean held her anchored on his cock until Mike pulled away. Then he tipped Cassie forward, onto her elbows. Followed her down. “Ready?”

She nodded, wordless.

He conquered her. Gradually increasing the speed, one hand gripping her hair, the other on her lower back, filling and emptying on his schedule. Letting her know he had the reins.

“Mike.” His voice was strained. “Play with her pussy.”

“Yes.” Inner thighs slick already. “Stroke my clit, finger me.”

Mike knelt, wedged a hand between her thighs. Settled a thumb over her clit and pressed his palm against her slit to push two fingers inside. Pushed her over the edge into a fast, intense orgasm. Her clit throbbed, already wanting more.

Mike sounded amazed. “She’s so wet.”

“She’s not done. Are you, Cassie? Come all over us, all over my dick -,“ Sean shoved inside, “in your tight hole -,” he gasped for breath. “All over Mike’s fingers.”

“Yes,” Cassie said. “Oh, yes. So good. More.”

Mike pushed a third finger inside, twisting, rubbing. Cassie’s breath locked in the grip of an exquisitely painful orgasm. Cramps rippled through her stomach and pelvis, stopping Sean mid-thrust.

He grunted. “Your ass is sucking me dry. Fuck.” He groaned and slapped her ass, coming hard.

Cassie collapsed on the floor. Everything, every part of her, ached. Burned with glorious repletion.

Good Teacher 3 © 2016 by Devi Ansevi

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  1. I really like these lines: ‘ Foil tore, a cap popped. Faster than she expected, slick, eager flesh pressed against her tightest entrance.’ The difference in sentence length works really well.


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