Review: Never Say Never

Never Say Never (Nancy's Curse Book 2)Never Say Never by C.A. Bell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars on Goodreads (But really 4.5)

Never Say Never is the second novella in a trilogy with a fresh spin on paranormal erotica. Read Never Say Goodbye first, if you want to know how creepy a Ouija board can be (plus, it’s hot). However, I think you can dive on in if you haven’t read it – Ms. Bell provides a nice summary up front.

Now to the review… Two eventful weeks have gone by since Nancy conjured her ghostly lover, but the cray-cray is just getting started.

I really liked this book. Ms. Bell is a talented writer, especially with dialogue. The use of present tense builds suspense throughout. Then there’s that damn unopened letter – we know Nancy needs to read it pronto, but she keeps getting distracted.

In book 2, the paranormal aspect takes center stage, which I loved. Creative plot twists include a glimpse behind the ghostly veil, the unveiling of some witchy politics, and a shivery tarot reading. Many of the questions from the first book are answered – including possible side effects, both nefarious and seductive, of drinking and Ouija-ing. Add in a hot shower with a chilled and skilled tongue…Yum.

Of course, for as many questions as she answers, Ms. Bell raises still more. Looking forward to the third book, and keeping my fingers crossed that Nancy’s grandmother knew what she was doing all along. The path to true love is looking rocky – Nancy’s going to have to pull her big-girl pants on to win through.

I received an ARC of Never Say Never in exchange for an honest review. On Amazon US and Amazon UK.

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