Git ‘er done

Git er doneThis week’s #WickedWednesday prompt is Milestones. The redoubtable Rebel asks, “What milestones have you reached or are you working towards? Are they sexy milestones? Why are they important to you? Why have you chosen these specific milestones?”

Usually I write flash fiction for the #WW prompts. I have a sexy wicked one germinating for Good Teacher 4, but Cassie, Sean and Mike wanted to go in a different direction. See, that’s why I coined the Twitter hashtag #FuckingStubbornCharacters. As writers we’re supposed to be the god of our authorial universe, but apparently I’ve given a bit too much free will to my characters.

And that’s why I decided to write a regular blog post about milestones.

The site analytics for Crush Blush note certain metrics which WordPress has apparently found to be important. “You’ve earned 5 Likes!” (I’m up to 22 now, FYI.) “You’ve made 10 posts!” (I’m now up to 19.) I’m sure WordPress can point to data that show these metrics are important in retaining active users. For WordPress, these represent milestones.

They’re not examples of my milestones. Let’s clarify what I mean by the term:

A milestone is a point in time when a key chunk of work is completed or a goal is achieved.

I’m a deadline-driven person. I work on a lot of projects in my “real world” professional life. I’m used to breaking things down into chunks, then sub-chunks, then micro-chunks, then what-I-gotta-get-done-in-the-next-hour-and-don’t-anyone-fucking-interrupt-chunks.

I’m known as the git ‘er done gal.

Okay, I just made that up. My real nickname is known only to others, and probably  includes a word that rhymes with stitch.

You know, a stitch in time saves lives. Or maybe it saves twine?

Well, whatever the expression is, I’m all about the schedule.

Especially when I’m writing erotica. I do my best work with a deadline. #WickedWednesday, #KOTW, #FriFlash, #BOAW16, calls for submission…as the due dates loom, I become tremendously productive. In fact, I will become so productive with any near-term deadline that I’ll put off working on anything with a later deadline.

Ah, the voluptuous satisfaction of checking something off my to-do list.

Unfortunately, this behavior leads to constant fire fighting. Re-acting rather than pro-acting. Or whatever term you use to describe planned procrastination, aka the student syndrome.

And that, my friends, is why I haven’t finished the third novel in my Soulmates series. Southern Comfort (Soulmates Book 3) was supposed to be published before Valentine’s Day. Three months later and it’s languishing unfinished, right in the middle of a super-hot sex scene in which Aiden is tied up on the weight bench in the basement gym, after a nude and bouncing ride on the exercise bike…

But I digress.

The root of the issue: no one is pushing me to finish it. I have only a self-imposed sense of urgency. Plus a vague guilt hovering over me like a smelly cloud because I haven’t finished it, and a side helping of oppressive resentment about feeling guilty. Why should I feel guilty? Not as though my cadre of loyal fans are hounding me for news of the revised, re-revised, re-re-revised, re-oh-who-the-hell-knows pub date.

Hm. This post went off the track and into the wilderness instead of answering the prompt. I did find it cathartic. So there’s that.

Anyone else have the same problem with milestones and deadlines? Have to have a sense of urgency to bestir yourself? Need to feel like someone actually cares if you’re working on it, in order to generate a shred of give-a-fuck?

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wickedPosted in response to prompt #205 for Wicked Wednesday, curated by the luminescent loveliness of Marie Rebelle. Click the rainbow circle for more wicked sexiness.


  1. I work according to deadlines too and indeed, the closer the deadline the more productive I become. Also, if I don’t make a to-do list I totally forget about things that should be done…

    I guess we each do things the way that works for us…

    Rebel xox

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love it when a post goes off the rails… You Digresser. That’s me! (and add procrastinator) I am a last minute guy with deadlines and I should be working now, but would rather read your post. I really can’t plan on writing anything, it has to be spontaneous and out of the blue. I love to write flash to photo prompts and when it happens it happens and the story seems to write itself.

    Just remember, your readers actually care… and when you write it they will read it, Devi.


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