Sexy Snippets: Their Wish List

coverTo participate in #SexySnippets, I’m sharing 7 lines from my first novel, Their Wish List, an MFM contemporary erotic romance.

Tank stroked her nipple. “Aiden, have you ever had a water jet massage?”

“No,” she said, tilting her head back to see his face.

“Let’s see if you like it.”

The tub had several small jets around the edges, and half a dozen powerful jets in the base. He shifted to his right, directly over one of the large jets. Sitting on the bottom of the tub, he draped her legs over his and spread his knees.

Gunner pressed the button and a powerful stream of water pulsed against Aiden’s tender flesh. She jerked upright. “Oh,” she said, “Oh my gosh. This is what you meant?”

Their Wish List is free through Kindle Unlimited on Amazon US and Amazon UKRead an extended version of this scene (2K words) on the Bell, Book & Erotica review blog.


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    • Thank you for stopping by, Doris! I’m honored. Recently read “Auctioned to the Honorable Dom,” and loved it – I’ll tweet you when I get a review posted!


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