Review: Nancy’s Curse (Complete Trilogy)

Nancy's Curse (The Complete Trilogy)Nancy’s Curse by C.A. Bell

An exciting, suspenseful series, full of unexpected twists and turns. A bit of time travel, a bit of magic, white witches battling black, spells gone awry, love, lust, and a mystery to be solved.

Oh, and let’s not forget the creeptastic Ouija board and prescient tarot reading.

I liked Nancy and her friends, both the old and new. Characters had realistic flaws, the handsome man she conjures up isn’t perfect, and the path to love is not obvious. Small portents indicate Jack may not be all he seems, that he may have other than pure motives in wanting to stay with Nancy, but she’s blinded by lust and doesn’t want to give him up.

I love Ms. Bell’s use of present tense throughout the series. It builds suspense throughout, as we unfold the truth one byte at a time, same as our brave heroine. Along the way, she’ll discover her heritage and learn new truths about her past, present and future.

Is it possible to have a happy-ever-after with a ghost? Will beating black witches at their own game come with too high a cost? You’ll have to read to find out!

30173651(Just remember – don’t mix garden herbs with wine and Ouija.)

Nancy’s Curse is a fast, wild ride from start to finish. It’s available from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

View all my reviews on Goodreads. I also reviewed Nancy’s Curse book 2 here on Crush Blush. I received an ARC of the series in exchange for an honest review.

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