Sexy Snippets: Fate’s Arrow

FatesArrow_Cover_forMobiTo participate in #SexySnippets, I’m sharing 7 lines from my second novel, Fate’s Arrow, a kinkfully contemporary erotic romance.

“You had him suck your nipples until you came?” he murmured, licking his lips as though he tasted me on his tongue. His eyes flicked down quickly, and I tapped his chin to let him know I caught the look.

“Mm.” I crossed my legs again, just to feel how the motion rubbed at my clit. Archer’s eyes followed the movement, then he looked back into my eyes. Archer’s voice deepened into a basso profundo rumble. “I didn’t know a woman could cum that way. Care to prove it?”

Fate’s Arrow is free through Kindle Unlimited on Amazon US and Amazon UKRead a Q&A with yours truly, or read Mr. B’s review of Fate’s Arrow, at the Bell, Book & Erotica blog.


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