Review: Sins in the Sand

Get ready for a delicious romp in the desert with Kendra, a gorgeous Eurasian hotel receptionist, madly pursued under a case of mistaken identity by two rich alpha male tycoons.

Kendra is a ringer for reality TV star-slash-model Kiki Brandt. When Kiki no-shows for a charity function at the hotel in Dubai, Kendra is pressed into taking her place, and ends up on the menu as a dinner date for the tycoons. The story unfolds from there.

Enter a crazy baby sister who always fucks things up for Kendra, a sick dad who needs expensive medical treatments, and a scheming, acidic co-worker jealous of Kendra’s good fortune.

Mix, stir, and step back because it’s gonna get all explody.

The book is a mixed bag for me. Loved some parts, didn’t love others. Overall, I lean toward the positive.

Let’s start with what I loved: The descriptions of Dubai. The indoor ski slopes. The culture and food. The four seasons of jewelry modeling and those gorgey costumes. The crazy antics of the rich and famous. Just the sheer fabulousness of the setting by Ms. Gamble.

I also love me some menáge action. Especially rich, hunky alpha males who like nothing better than to make a girl weak at the knees with their special brand of attention.

Which is where some of the mixed review has to come into play. I’m more a fan of kinky sex than straight vanilla, so an MFM menáge appeals to my inner kinkster. Double the hands, tongues, and dicks, right? We should have some freaky stuff goin’ on up in there.

That’s where this book lost a bit of its heat factor for me. Kendra doesn’t worry too much over being attracted to both the guys, and it turns out they’ve shared a chick or two before, despite their competitiveness, so we can dispense with the usual angsty anxiety before getting it on. So far, so good. But, and here’s another thing, the dynamic between Dmitri and Nikos strained credibility.

(Okay, I know, this is erotic fiction so what am I doing talking about credibility? But go with me here, because it’s something that took me out of the story.)

We have two rich guys who EVERYONE knows dislike each other, always try to one-up each other, and yet… They’ve been sharing honeys for years? And nobody knows? We needed more backstory.

However, let’s just suspend a bridge across that reality chasm and go with it.

Kendra, Nikos and Dmitri have some smoldering insta-lust going on. She’s torn over lying to them about who she really is. Kendra is basically a nice girl who falls for two guys who would normally be out of her league. The relatively short sex scenes are sweet and have some sizzle. Straight vanilla intercourse, though, up to chapter 8. At which point, Dmitri slides a finger in her ass while Nikos stakes his claim on the front entrance. And… That’s as far as double penetration goes until the end of the book.

I’ll admit I was a bit disappointed. Kendra didn’t encourage back door visits, because she had tried anal with her ex and didn’t like it. This is one of the more realistic aspects of the book. Usually, the plucky heroine has never gone past some polite fingering and is shocked at the idea men would put their thingy back there. So, I appreciated the realism, while regretting the relative lack of sexy sin.

To summarize: Kendra is a sweetie, Dmitri and Nikos are dreamboats, and the Totally 5 Star series has some fascinating characters and fantasy locales.

Ms. Gamble created an enjoyable romp with beautiful scenery, mistaken identity, and some sibling-induced drama. A few steamy scenes, though I’d have liked a few more fireworks.

Sit back, relax, accept the insta-lust and enjoy the ride.

Sins in the Sand by Kait Gamble is available from Totally Bound Publishing, Amazon US, Amazon UK, and other e-tailers.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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