Review: A Punishment Exam for Jane

I’ve been tempted to read Emily Tilton for a while. A couple of days ago, seeing a tweet about A Punishment Exam for Jane, I finally got off my duff, especially since it was on Kindle Unlimited.

Glad I did, my pretties, because now I get to tell you all about Tilton’s fantabulastic kinkery.

The titular Jane is a 20-year-old attempting to infiltrate an organization that trains submissives for sale as concubines to the uber-wealthy. She wants to expose their corporate variation on human trafficking and become a successful investigate journalist.

(Plus, if she can shut them down, surely it will quash her own indecent yearnings.)

Too bad for Jane that this organization, “The Institute,” knows who she is, and they know what she really needs.

When I say they know, they KNOW.

The Institute uses high-tech arousal detection equipment to figure out what to say and do to a young lady to turn her into the perfect submissive concubine. Once Jane signs a contract to participate in “a lascivious training regime,” she learns the trouble she’s in:

“You may think you lied on the questionnaires, Jane, but you didn’t do a good enough job to deceive us. Your pen may lie, but your body doesn’t.

Jane felt her breath coming faster and faster. Her eyes didn’t seem able to perceive anything but the strap in Mary’s right hand, which the woman now began to tap gently against her left palm.

What does that mean?” she whispered.

“I feel sure you didn’t know that the chairs here have humidistats that tell us what makes you wet, Jane.”

“Oh, God.”

Ms. Tilton uses the contract to neatly circumvent the issue of non-consent (from a legal, if not from an emotional perspective). Jane will now be forced to face up to her submissive needs. She can’t say no; there’s no safe wording out of The Institute. However, once again, Ms. Tilton is a clever puss. She gets around the safe, sane, consensual angle by having the technologically savvy folks at the Institute track Jane’s responses every step of the way. They KNOW she likes what’s happening to her.

(Is it non-consent if our bodies say yes, our mouths say no, and our minds don’t know what the fuck we want?)

If you’re uncomfortable with a brazen flirtation between noncon and reluctance, you may wish to avoid this story. If, on the other hand, you like the idea that no matter how you protest and plead, you’ll be given exactly what you’ve always secretly needed, this author will float your boat.

Now, let’s talk about the one teeny thing I didn’t like…

A Punishment Exam for Jane is 51 pages, according to the Zon, but only 70% of that is the story. The final 30% is a synopsis of the author’s other stories.

To clarify: I’m not upset that the author included synopses. I’m upset because I wanted MORE.

The story ends abruptly, in the midst of a scene.

Like a build-up to orgasm that is then brutally denied.

Fuck a duck, folks. I flipped to the next page and actually gave a little scream of frustration when I realized it was done.

Ms. Tilton writes absolutely incendiary stuff. Off the charts hot, if you’re turned on by spankings, medical play, dirty talk, and reluctance. Which, whaddaya know, I am! So I hotfooted over to Amazon and bought another, longer book, to read more. Look for my review of Ms. Tilton’s Thoroughly Trained (The Institute Series, Book 6), coming soon.

A Punishment Exam for Jane by Emily Tilton is available through Amazon US, Amazon UK, and is free (as of June 23, 2016) via Kindle Unlimited. I wrote this unsolicited review because this book turned me on with its kinkery.



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