Review: Shared by the Highlanders

Wowza, folks, got a hot one for ya. Shared by the Highlanders amply demonstrates Ashe Barker’s talent for creating endearing, flawed, hot-ass characters. The finger-lickin’ goodness spills all over the pages of Shared by the Highlanders.

Will and Robbie = book boyfriends. Book. Boyfriends. My friends, first time I’ve used that expression.

Setup: Our intrepid heroine, an emergency medical technician (EMT), wanders into a crack in time and ends up hundreds of years in the past with two hunky, dominant, caring men who enjoy sharing their women. Much incredible hotness ensues. And by hot, I mean, don’t read this while other people are around unless it’s someone with whom you are *ahem* intimately familiar.

My one small quibble is how compliant Charlene is for that first spanking. Would someone raised in present day be as accepting of two strange men administering corporate punishment?

Moving on from that one tiny question mark, the entire book was as delicious as a mint dark chocolate mocha with extra chocolate, and I loved the surprise twist at the end. Oh, I guess I should admit there’s one other small quibble – how quickly it ended. I’d have liked another hundred pages of what happened next.

Where’s my crack in the spatial continuum? I need a coupla highlanders.

25758524I purchased the book and then wrote this unsolicited review because Shared by the Highlanders is (a) hot, (b) awesome, and (c) made me get all heaving bosom-y.  Available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, and, I’m sure, from other fine e-tailers.

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