Reblog: Hidden Identities

Another amazing article from Emmanuelle, who has combed the results of 130 author surveys to share revelatory notions about writers of the erotic. This one focuses on why we use pen names or otherwise hide our identities, and the repercussions (occasionally positive ones) for those who choose not to.

Emmanuelle de Maupassant

Interviewing just over 130 authorsof erotic fiction, I asked how openly we discuss our workHidden Identities pennames  writers of erotic fiction emmanuelle de maupassant with friends and family and how far we keep separate our ‘writing identity’, to avoid social stigmatization.

As ever, this article is intended as a starting point for discussion. All comments are welcome.

Slipping into a Pseudonym

While a number of authors do write under their legally recognized name, more than in any other genre, we pen our words from behind a pseudonym.

Some do this for commercial reasons, separating writing identities across genre categories, to avoid confusing readers. CherryWild comments, “There are benefits to compartmentalizing writing identities. I believe readers should understand what they’re going to read from an author, instead of having a shocking surprise that what they thought would be a standard murder mystery is actually a sexed-up erotic thriller.”

Male writers, on occasion, write under a female pen name…

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