Reblog: What the Future Holds

All images come from Emmanuelle’s article.

Emmanuelle de Maupassant continues her series of articles based on the results of surveys with 130 erotica writers. This one takes a look at what we fear and hope the future will hold for erotica writers.

Included are thoughts from a wide variety of authors: Remittance Girl, Terrance Aldon Shaw, LN Bey, Laura Antoniou, Cecilia Tan, Ria Restrepo, Siri Ousdahl, Brantwijn Serrah, and many more.

Erotica is one of the most prolific categories on Amazon, and yet, we continue to see social stigma attached to writing erotica. (For more on this, see an earlier article in the series.)

In my survey response, I said

I would like to see the erotic genre accepted as mainstream.
If a few other erotic books earn public acceptance the way Fifty Shades did, it may become more fashionable to write erotica.

Whether you love or hate FSOG is irrelevant to my point. If it is fashionable to write erotica, then it will be fashionable to publicly fete those at the top of the pile, which encourages people to come out from behind the pseudonym to garner the accolades. The trickle-down effect should be that more of us use our real name on our work, and that should lead to an overall better quality of writing.

Here’s a snip of one of the most memorable quotes from Emmanuelle’s article:

Catherine Mazur urges that we write sex so that it is integral to the unfolding story, rather than dropped into narrative ‘like cookie-cutter homogenized porn cheese chunks’.

To paraphrase some marketing tagline whose source I’ve forgotten, when you put your name on it, you want it to be the best.

And with that extremely long intro, here’s the reblog part of this post!

Interviewing just over 130 authors of erotic fiction, I asked what the future holds for our genre. As ever, this article is intended as a starting point for discussion. All comments are welcome. Fo…

Source: What the Future Holds: 21st century erotic fiction

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