Review: Napoli

Our narrator in Napoli is a young man backpacking around Europe, staying in hostels, soaking up experiences and enjoying life.

Let’s detour to talk about gender and how it influences description in erotica. I’m a woman. I love describing the shit out of everything. When I read erotica by men, it may start the engine but it doesn’t usually put out the fire because there’s too much doing, it’s done too quickly, and there’s insufficient focus on what the characters are thinking and feeling. Sort of like Penthouse porn.

I knew Mr. Shane’s Napoli wasn’t going to be stereotypical Penthouse porn from the first fantastic opening sentences:

“The train from Rome to Naples takes only a few hours. Rome’s Termini station is not in a particularly picturesque part of that city, and as you accelerate through the rings of outer Roman suburbs, the architecture only becomes more gray and blocky and 20th century industrial.”

Decker Shane sets the stage like nobody’s business. With a minimum of words and a maximum of effect, he pulled me in to the story and brought back so many memories of Italy. Watching a train approach, the smells, the sounds, the views from the windows, how cities change as you near the city center. The colors and the architecture, wonderful food, and beautiful people.

Speaking of people, we don’t know much about our narrator (the story is told in first person) until he introduces himself to the pretty young lady who’s going to be his new roommate in his Napoli hostel.

At which point, we learn that our narrator is none other than our author!

Wait, what? Is this a true story? It doesn’t say so anywhere, but, damn! Decker Shane = narrator = author. There’s so much authenticity here, so much simmering, blazing, sweaty heat. Yummy, people.

Our lucky narrator actually has two roommates in the hostel, Mia and Sam, beautiful young women. Seems like a perfect set-up for Penthouse porn, but once again, the author skillfully avoids the trap.

Sam and Decker build to a roaring lust, beautifully described in a number of sexual encounters. Have you ever had a fling with someone where lack of privacy drove the lust to dizzying heights? That frantic, breathless, oh-God-we-have-to-hurry rush somehow makes the sex that much hotter. It drips off the pages here, people.

Now, as I’ve made clear in my review guidelines, I generally prefer kinky stuff. This book didn’t redline my kinkometer, although they did have sex in a few public places and almost got caught. When Mia joins in, though, the heat factor ramps up with a bit of girl-on-girl action and a salacious scene with a video camera.

Overall, I found Napoli a luscious sexual romp with exotic settings. No love or romance – this is a fling and everyone is going their own way when it’s done. Emotionally, I didn’t connect to any of the characters, but I appreciated the rich depiction of Mia and Sam as strong, intelligent, passionate women.

Read this to enjoy an authentic Italian travelogue, seen through the articulate, discerning eyes of a caring lover who enthusiastically (and dare I say, realistically) shags two beautiful women.

My thanks to Decker Shane for the invitation to review the book.  I downloaded it via Kindle Unlimited. And you can, too! Napoli by Decker Shane is available through Amazon US, Amazon UK, and is free (as of July 21, 2016) via Kindle Unlimited.

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