Excerpt: Captive Mate, MFM shifter erotica

amazon-thumbnail-cover_lustonthewingFor your reading pleasure, a steamy excerpt from Captive Mate, a Gryphon’s Fated Mate Story. MFM shifter paranormal erotica with danger, intrigue, humor, sexy heroes and a feisty heroine too full of scientific curiosity for her own good.

This novella appears in the paranormal erotic anthology, Lust on the Wing, now available on Amazon. This is the second volume in the Lust series, and we’re hard at work on the third, Lust in Tooth & Claw (due out for pre-orders Sept 23, 2016). It is a profound honor to work with such a talented group of independent authors. Those featured so far in our Lust volumes include JD Carabella, Jacqui Greaves, Ina Morata, Katherine Nevitt, and Essemoh Teepee.

And now, on to the excerpt…

In Captive Mate, Berry Randall is a graduate student whose research has led her too close to a dangerous secret. Kidnapped by a shadowy organization, Berry has just learned that the shapeshifters are real, and the two holding her captive want her for their mate.

Chapter 5: Berry

They were driving me crazy. I should still be mad at them, right? They lied to me, they had scared me with the whole kidnapping thing. No way should I be letting them touch me.

How was I supposed to resist the combination of sweet touches, tender caresses, muscles and dirty talk?

I still had questions. Lots of them, including what they meant about me being their mate. I struggled to get some space between us, difficult when Leo was curved against my back, and Fisher had leaned back against the table and pulled me off my feet so my body lay along his. Sizable erections pressed against my belly and spine.

“Wait,” I pleaded. “I need answers.”

“Because you want to. Because it feels good.” Fisher kissed me. “Those are great answers.”

“Jerk face. That’s not what I meant.”

Leo’s hands drifted back to my waistband and then inside. Big, warm palms cupped my bare bottom. His touch felt ridiculously good. I wanted to melt against them and let them do anything they wanted.

When one of Leo’s hands pushed between my legs, my brain finally stopped my traitorous body from running rampant.

“No,” I said, clenching my thighs closed.

“Your body says yes,” Fisher said.


“We can smell it,” he reminded me. “You’re turned on.”

“Keep your pervy nose to yourself,” I huffed. “Let me go.”

Leo groaned, but he backed away. Fisher took his time, easing me down his body. When my feet touched the floor, I put space between us, ignoring the aching throb to the beat of you’re-an-idiot between my legs. The men looked as miserable as I felt. Good.

My hands went to my hips in my default taking-charge stance. “What are the rules here?” They looked confused by my question. I tried again.

“I mean, do two gryphons often, um, mate with the same woman? What does it mean, when you say someone is your mate? What is claiming about? Is it permanent? Or just sex?”

“If we’re not going to do it,” Fisher said, sounding grumpy, “can we eat lunch and then talk?”

“Lunch? We just had breakfast.”

Leo said, “Two hours ago. We have to eat often. Shifting burns a lot of calories.”

“Oh,” I said, understanding at last why they ate so much. “Wow. So, no overweight shifters? That would be nice. I could stand to lose a couple pounds.”

“No,” Leo said, at the same time Fisher said, “Please don’t.”

“Oh, come on. You smell with your nose, not your eyes. You can see I’m chubby.”

“You are not,” Leo argued. “I love the way your waist curves into your hips. Your ass is mouth-watering. I can’t wait to — .” He swallowed whatever he’d been going to say.

“What?” I asked, intrigued. Leo shook his head.

Fisher laughed. I looked up at him. “You know what he was going to say?”

“Yep.” Ignoring Leo’s strangled, “Stop,” Fisher continued, “He can’t wait to fuck it.”

I had expected something risqué, maybe along the lines of “He can’t wait to see it.” Fisher’s blunt, raw comment jolted me, flushing heat into my cheeks.

My sex life has been a dud, but I’ve done lots of fantasizing, and I’ve read erotica. I’m not ignorant. Still. I hadn’t imagined someone would come right out and say they wanted to do that to me. With me. I opened my mouth, then wasn’t sure what to say.

“Really?” popped out.

Fisher laughed. Leo nodded. I backpedaled. “I didn’t mean —. That sounded like… But, I —.”

“It’s okay,” Leo said. “We’ll make sure you’re ready first.”

My mind went dizzy interpreting what that meant.

“So, lunch?” Fisher asked.

I nodded.

We ate in the cafeteria again. Pruitt joined us partway through, explaining that Chris had already eaten and I’d see him later in the afternoon.

“Is everyone here, um —?” I gestured around the room, where a couple of dozen people ate enormous quantities of food.

“Most people. Not everyone. It’s not polite to ask,” Fisher explained. “If someone wants you to know, they’ll tell you. Or you’ll figure it out. ‘Funny, when that big gray gryphon is around, I never see Pruitt.’ Though no one ever figured it out with Superman and Clark Kent.”

“My fur is not gray,” Pruitt said stiffly. “It’s silver. I would appreciate if you would stop harping on my age.”

“Sure, old man,” Fisher said. I choked on my banana pudding and Pruitt glared at him.

I waited until they finished eating to hint, “I sure would love to get out of these pajamas.”

Pruitt sounded puzzled. “You’re welcome to change. Or do you not like what they packed for you?”

Fisher smirked at me. Leo looked guilty.

“They brought some of my clothes? I didn’t have to wear these PJs all day?” I hadn’t realized I was standing until Leo and Fisher stood up, too, towering over me. Fisher kissed the tip of my nose and I smacked his chest. I’d been aiming for his face, but he was too quick.

“But you look so cute in fuzzy pink,” he teased, then added, “Your bag is in Leo’s room.”

I shoved against his chest until he moved, then marched out of the cafeteria. It took about two seconds to realize I couldn’t go anywhere, since I had no idea where Leo’s room was.

They joined me a few seconds later, and even Leo had a smile on his face. Fisher taunted, “I enjoyed picking out clothes for you, especially the sexy underwear.”

Should it have bothered me to think of him touching my panties? The look in his eyes generated a flash fantasy. His hands easing black lace panties down my thighs, kneeling in front of me, breath hot against my bare skin…

He could probably smell that I wasn’t annoyed. Still, I had to keep up appearances.

“Jerk face.”

Leo volunteered, “He’s lying. I picked out the underwear while he got stuff from your closet.”

I stuck out my tongue at Fisher.

We stopped at a solid-looking door with a touchpad instead of a handle. Leo pressed two fingertips against the black sensor pad. With a click, the door swung open.

“What do you do if there’s a power outage?” I asked.

“They automatically unlock when the power goes out,” Leo explained.

“You let the inmates go free?”

“You’re not a prisoner, damn it,” Fisher said. I shrugged and took petty enjoyment in their offended silence.

Leo went in the room first, and I followed. He had a huge bedroom with zero clutter. Dark wood paneling, king size black wrought iron bed and black wood nightstand, a black dresser, large flat screen on the wall. Nothing else.

“You can change through there,” Leo indicated a door in the far right corner.

My ratty suitcase looked pitiful against the plush comforter on the four poster bed. I scooped it up on the way and escaped into the bathroom.

They hadn’t done too bad at picking out clothes and toiletries. Fisher, it seemed, had a thing for skimpy sundresses. I didn’t find any pants in the bag. I needed to shave my legs if I was going to wear a dress. Of course, the one thing missing was a razor.

Ah, well, they’d just have to deal with prickly legs.

I froze, the deodorant stick pressed to my armpit, and considered the woman in the mirror. Was I really planning to let them touch me again? Maybe more?

My wicked reflection smiled.

“It depends what the whole mating thing means,” I warned. Her nose wrinkled and she shrugged.

“I’m losing it.” I turned away from the mirror. Pulling on a green sundress with a swirly pattern on the skirt, I applied handfuls of lotion to soften my legs, and slid into sandals.

Next stop, Hussyville.

Wait, no. I needed answers first. Then, maybe, I’d let my inner hussy out to play.

Read the first four chapters here! (The link opens an Amazon preview window.) Lust on the Wing is free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers and is available exclusively on Amazon. In its 300 pages, you’ll find erotic horror, dark erotica, monsters, aliens, the demon touched, and a splash of romance.

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