Review: Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion (Paint #1)Optical Illusion by Emma Jaye
This was my first MM contemporary story, and wow, I’m glad I read it. It’s fantastic. I couldn’t put it down once I started reading, finished it at 2am and gave a great big sigh of satisfaction.

Great characters; Emma Jaye has breathed life into what could easily have been stereotypes. The flamboyant twink, the studly Alpha soldier, the het best friend/first crush, I loved them all. The older man/younger man dynamic just plain does it for me, too.

Chris is an artist, a homeless young man with too many secrets and *way* too much energy. Jase is ex-military, discharged because of a shattered ankle, who is coming home just in time for his het best friend’s marriage. It’s lust at first glance, but they’ve got so many obstacles to overcome, including those secrets.

I can’t say much without getting into spoiler territory, but I spent a lot of time biting my nails and clutching my pillow for comfort, especially every time Chris went on a self-destructive tear, and *most* especially every visit to the dance club.

If you enjoy love with a bit of rough play, flawed, likeable characters and a dash of danger, give this one a read.

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Optical Illusion (Paint Book 1) by Emma Jaye is available through Amazon US, Amazon UK, and is free (as of September 18, 2016) via Kindle Unlimited. I wrote this unsolicited review because this book looked interesting, and I’ve read and enjoyed several books from this author.

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