How honest is my erotica?

This post was inspired by a question posted to a writer’s forum. The poster asked, “Are you honest when you write?”

Such a broad question, isn’t it? Many writers have been given the advice to “write what you know.” We’re told that brings authenticity to our writing, hooks the reader and makes them want more.

If every popular murder mystery was written by someone who wrote what they know, we’d have a bunch of serial killers out there getting away with… Well, with murder.

That bit of advice must therefore have deeper layers of meaning.

What does it mean for writers of erotica?  I can only answer for myself. And share with you, below, the response I posted in the forum.

My erotica doesn’t have a deep message. It’s stroke fiction, meant to arouse and entertain. It makes me happy when a beta reader writes in the margin, “Wow. Just jumped my husband. He said to thank you for that scene.”

My characters all have flaws, but they’re generally likeable. Power dynamics feature in every story; characters find themselves in positions in which they would normally be the subordinate and yet they take the lead. I’ve been there, done that, and hope to provide an authentic representation of how such role reversal can work.

Even my bad guys are more misguided than evil. They do bad things for a reason, and if you don’t agree with their reason or their action, still, they’re never going to be caricatures of pure evil.

My stories have happy endings, or at least, happy for now. That’s not real life, because life keeps going even after you hook up with someone so hot your pants catch fire.OnYourKnees

I’m honest in that I write what turns me on. Doesn’t mean I’ve done even 1% of what I write. From that perspective, from the perspective of writing what I have learned through personal experience… Nope. When I explore new kinks, new permutations of relationships, or new scenarios, there’s research behind it. IRL I’m an academic. It’s an addictive lure, that quest for knowledge. Whether through reputable external sources or personal experimentation, the responses by my main characters may be exaggerated, but the sexual experiences are humanly possible.

drawing-love-passion-pencil-draw-romance-amour-resizedSpeaking of exaggeration, I’m trying to turn someone on with the power of words. As it isn’t possible to reach through the pages to lend a helping stroke, I invoke the senses to a protracted degree. The breath catches and the stomach flutters with the lightest of touches. Female characters are rewarded with easily obtained, extended orgasms. Male characters delay orgasm until their partner is beyond satisfied.

I write what I know is possible*, and what I know I like to read.


*Referring only to sex here; most settings and all non-human characters are works of fiction. I’ve not found reliable sources to prove the existence of vampires, werewolves, or Greek gods.

Wondering how honest this post has been? Read a few stories for yourself. Check out the free stories on this site. Or, find the complete list of my ebooks here (on the Crush Blush site) or here (on Amazon). All ebooks are free through Kindle Unlimited.

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