Review: Dana’s Duo

Dana's Duo review an erotic MMF enounterTwo words for you: yum and meeeeee.

Dana’s Duo by Caitlyn Lynch is a delicious bite-size snack, 22K words that I read in under an hour. Mainly because I raced through the yumminess.

Dana is a new-ish employee who works in IT.  She’s been fantasizing about her boss and his head of security for months.

Lex is the head of security. Drew owns the company. They’re lovers, they’re bi, and they want Dana.

I’d have liked to know more about Dana, Lex and Drew as people who existed before the first page of the book. What we do know: (1) they’re attracted to each other, (2) the guys are good in a crisis, (3) Dana stands up for herself, which I liked, (4) yoga is really good for toning certain muscles that make men happy, (5) Drew and Lex know how to do showers right, and finally, (6) I’d love these guys to be my bosses. Excellent eye-candy, and they take care of their people.

You know what was really refreshing? Dana didn’t even dip her toes into the “should-I-have-sex-with-both-of-them-will-they-think-I’m-a-slut” pool. She dove right in. You go, girl! Break me off a piece of that, would you?

The sex scenes are scorching. Not super high on the kink factor, except that Drew and Lex are MMF and that’s uncommon (especially when it’s well-written, as this one is). Double penetration and a bit of playful spanking, but I’d class their sex as more caring and passionate than raunchy.  Most of the action centered on making sure Dana had a good time. All I can say is DAY-UM, I’d like to be the filling in that manly sandwich.

The sex is center stage. That’s not a complaint, because EROTICA. For those who prefer some story with their sex, yes, indeed, there’s a plot. Snappy dialogue, action, a bit of danger, and I loved that Dana demonstrated common sense when faced with a potential threat.

For a passionate plateful of sexy MMF, give Dana’s Duo a read. As of December 21, 2016, it’s free on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited in both the US and UK.

Disclaimer: I chose to read this book, and blog my review, because I enjoyed the crap out of it.

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