BioPic_with_reader_logoHello, there. I’m Devi Ansevi, avid reader and voracious writer. I write erotica, and (as you’d expect) most of the content inside this site is about writing, reading, editing, and being a part of the world of erotic literature.

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The site name, Crush Blush, comes from the TV trope of that name. Careful, if you click the link you may spend the next several hours engrossed in the trope site, and become obsessed with trope-spotting.



  1. I don’t do feces or crucifixion scenes, though people get off on this for its pain and humiliation themes. Zombies aren’t really my thing, either, but I’ve been tempted to purchase Fifty Shades Of Decay for giggles and grins. Personally, I question if people who’ve been sexually abused or have had other negative sexual experiences with medical professionals or other people should be reading erotica. I know one author who’s a sex abuse survivor who states that it’s really okay and that she writes it herself.

    I know there are things that can trigger people, but that’s why I say read this genre with caution, and if you find you’re getting into a novel that you simply can’t go along with or suspend reality enough for the sake of the genre, please quietly put it down and move on to your next read. Just because a character is going through what I call “medical play” that’s approached differently than the trope of a woman being “kidnapped” and breathlessly taken to a scene for this kind of play does’t mean the character is being disrespected and abused.

    But that being said, I don’t care about reading certain subject matter myself, even if it is erotic fiction. I remember when I read Anne Rices’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy and not know what it was I was getting into. That was eye-opening, and I realized then with this genre, you kind of have to “got with it.” 🙂


    • Scarlet, thanks for your comment about the blog post, “Is that weird?” I feel comfortable reading and writing erotica across a broad spectrum, and avoiding the narrow band that makes me uncomfortable – non-con, especially with the intent to cause harm. Everything else can be delicious in the hands of a talented writer. 😎

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  2. I just wanted to say, in a different forum, how impressed I was with the Typewriter story. I can see this being the start of a good novel as Caitlin begins to explore her parents letters and the reader goes back in time. Would she uncover a mystery, maybe some scandal? At any rate, it was a good prompt and you knocked it out of the park (sorry, it is baseball season).

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