Review: Capturing the Moment

511iwcbn2bhl-_sx311_bo1204203200_A list of the things I loved in Delilah Night’s Capturing the Moment: the vivid scenery, learning a bit about Siem Reap, the yummy photo shoot in Preah Khan, Rachel as matchmaker, and the chemistry between Meg and RJ.

I’ve been to other places in Asia but not Cambodia. Ms. Night has made me want to see it for myself. Angkor Wat, Preah Khan, Koulen. Don’t you just love how those words look? Roll them around in your mouth, they’re delicious.

Speaking of words, the author has a way with them. Great dialogue, and zippy internal monologues, for example when RJ “remembered calling her the ‘early warning system’ of the relationship. He’d once told her that if she was starting to burn, he might need sunscreen. Maybe. If he felt like it.”

Zippy dialogue is great, you may be saying, but what’s this story all about? What’s at its heart? Well, I’ll tell you. Heartbreak and reconnection, that’s what.

Perhaps you went through this cycle, or watched a friend live it: you meet that guy in college. The guy who drives you wild. He likes you, too. You have incredible sex and spend every minute together until one of you graduates before the other. Then you start to grow apart, have different goals,  the stresses build, until it seems easier to call it quits. You meet years later and realize how each of you has changed. That’s RJ and Meg.

The pain of a broken heart is not fun, but sometimes the timing just isn’t right for two people to be together. In this case, time apart had a beneficial effect, and everyone but Meg realizes it. Her sister, Rachel, is helping them reconnect. Couldn’t help picturing Amy Poehler or Leslie Mann every time Rachel stole a scene.

One more thing about Ms. Night’s story that I really enjoyed (aside from sex, which we’re getting to, okay? Sheesh). So many times when reconnecting with an ex-lover, every change you see in the other is fodder for bitter recriminations. “Why weren’t you like that with me? Who taught you to do that?” I loved the way the author allowed Meg and RJ to appreciate the changes in each other, to view them in a positive light. She got a tattoo and started swallowing during oral. He let her take control during sex and acted silly for her. People, these are not inconsiderable changes, okay?

Now, let’s talk sex.

Wow. The heat and chemistry between Meg and RJ sizzles.

I usually prefer a bit more kink in my erotica, a bit of spanking, dominance, and dirty talk. Given that the story takes place over the course of less than 24 hours, though, it’s a bit much to expect an author to reconnect ex-lovers, have them explore a bunch of ruins, fit in three meals, have sex, AND get kinky.

Having said that, there’s this one time RJ spanks Meg… And then there’s this amazing outdoor sexperience… And then there’s this sensual massage…

Ah, who am I kidding? While it didn’t venture too far outside vanilla, this couple sizzles together. And Ms. Night clearly understands photography and setting the scene (in more ways than one), plus she’s done her homework on the art, history, and culture of Siem Reap. The book can be read in a couple of hours, but Meg and RJ’s relationship will stick with you.

Now, we just need a sequel about what happens on the 8 hour plane ride…

I received a copy of Capturing the Moment in return for an honest review.  Maybe I should also disclose that I already thought Ms. Night was a fabulous writer because I had previously read a wonderful blog post with a tongue-in-cheek review of the YA cult class horror novel, Prom Dress. My extra bonus gift to you, lovely reader, is the link to that blog post: The best “bad” book I’ve ever read. Please reblog in lieu of thank you gifts.

Ms. Night’s ebook is available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, and from her publisher, Totally Bound.


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