Review: Summer Heat

Summer Heat: A Steamy Romance Collection (Seasonal Shenanigans Book 3) is an excellent collection of steamy, fast-paced, encounter-based stories by 17 talented authors.

These are short stories, which doesn’t leave much room for big backstory or character development, especially when they’re all going to have sex – and the writers didn’t skimp on the sex scenes. Yum, yum!

Wait, where was I? Oh, right, backstory. Character development. Didn’t have much of that.

And I didn’t miss them, either.

Because what these authors did, one and all, is to create characters who are quirky, imperfect, funny, annoying, scared, lonely… basically, real people, in realistic situations, who also get to have hot sex.

I love the way each writer bent a trope or twisted a cliche. For example, in Christina Rose Andrews’ The Research Trip, a husband and wife are in Hawaii on a business trip. Only, *she’s* the one there for work. She sells real estate, her husband writes steamy romances.

Ariel Bishop’s Summer Nights is fabulous – a movie star invites the author whose book he’s adapting to stay with him, and sparks fly. Caitlyn Lynch’s menage story, Irresistible, is one *I* found irresistible! It packed serious heat, yes, but with lots of humor and sweetness.

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but one that stands out as truly unique is Cynthia Miller’s Bare Knuckled Love. Two people living in the same crappy apartment building, barely making ends meet, loners…They’re fascinated by each other yet unable to make a move until chance steps in.

Two thumbs up from me on the whole collection.

For a steamy, sweet, sexy good read, give Summer Heat a read. As of June 24, 2017, it’s free on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, but the price tag of 99 cents makes it a real steal.

I chose to review a complimentary advance reader copy of Summer Heat.

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