Is That Weird?

The fabulous Marie Rebelle asked, in this week’s #WickedWednesday, “What is off limits to you? Why?” I thought I’d respond by sharing my personal reasons for not writing about non-con sex. Or about zombies.

I’ll start by clarifying that I’m only talking about my personal preference. I don’t have a problem with what other people choose to write, or read.

Now the standard disclaimer is out of the way, let’s get to it.

Why I Don’t Write Non-Con

I was an early bloomer, wearing C-cup bras by age 12. Unfortunately, the combination of boobs and pigtails appealed to a certain type of predator. Rather more fortunately, I knew men weren’t supposed to touch my girly bits, and although my hormonal bitchiness didn’t help in any other area of my life, it did save my virtue. I mastered the art of the polite refusal, the snarky put-down, and the always-effective “I’ll tell my mother.”

These experiences had a lasting impression. Left me with a bit of a trust issue about men, and the need to always be in control.

And yet, despite being a control freak, I fantasize about giving up control, allowing someone (or someones) to take me over and take me out of myself. Is that weird? Whatever. It is a heady, arousing thought, the idea of trusting someone enough to let go.

I also enjoy exploring power dynamics in my writing. It’s so fun to twist tropes, to use them to find ways to equalize a power imbalance! For example, in Fate’s Arrow, we have the older male boss/younger female employee trope, with the twist that she’s more dominant, more experienced, and commitment-phobic.

And that brings us back to the question of what’s off-limits in my writing. As much as I enjoy writing about dominance and submission, bondage, and power, I don’t dip into non-con. Forcing someone against their will ain’t erotic.

zombies-freedigitalphotoWhy I Don’t Write About Zombies

Because (a) they’re scary as fuck, (b) I don’t get turned on by stuff that’s fucking scary, and (c) they’re not just the walking dead, they’re walking petri dishes.

Just ewww.


Is That Weird? ©2016 by Devi Ansevi. Written for Rebel’s Wicked Wednesday Prompt 204: Off Limits.

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    • Variety is the spice of life, right? I’m learning new things all the time, finding new things to turn me on (or off, but the off switch gets flipped way less often).


  1. The only person I’ve ever seen do zombies well in an erotica setting is Tamsin Flowers. Everything she touches magically turns to gold.

    I enjoy reading zombies, but I don’t want to write them. Not sure why.


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