Sense-ational book appeal

The dark, decadent scent of chocolate.

The warmth against my hand of a cookie fresh from the oven.

The melting of hot chocolate chips against the tongue.

Brown sugar and butter flooding the taste buds with sweet and salty.

A cookie is more delicious when it’s a complete sensory experience. And so is a book!

Check out this feast for your senses: the Show Me the Muscle sale, through April 7th.

Lots of amazing indie-authored books are on sale, all available through Amazon, and every one features a gorgeously msucled, bare chested man. Sometimes, more than one.

I’m excited to have Lust in Spring featured in this promotion; it’s a gorgeous cover, designed by Nero Seal. No editor could be prouder of the fantastic work by authors and cover designer!

Do try not to get drool on your screen. Not good for electronics.

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