The How-To of Requesting a Review

Interested in having me review your erotic ebook? Awesome! Read on. Reviews are helpful to the author and to other readers. And, erotica is a difficult genre in which to get reviews. I love writing humorous, blunt, and NSFW reviews. Please click the Reviews link and read at least one to make sure my, um, irreverent style works for you. Below is an FAQ about my review process.

How Do I Request a Review?

Email me at Include a link to your Amazon or other e-tailer site so I can check out the blurb and preview whatever there is to preview.

I’ll reply back within a couple days and either say “yes” or “no.” If it’s a yes, I’ll download via Kindle Unlimited if the ebook is available there, or I’ll request a review copy. If it’s a no, you’ll receive something like “Thank you for requesting a review. I am declining your request.” And, finally, if I said yes but then find I’m unable to post a positive review, you’ll receive an email containing the review I would have posted, if I posted non-positive reviews on my blog.

*Note that I only post positive reviews on this blog.

How Long Before The Review Is Posted?

Depends on what’s going on in my life; usually within three days to two weeks.

What Gets a Yes vs a No?

Writing a story is hard work. I know – I’m a writer, too. It’s best to have a reviewer who will enjoy your work. The following should help you determine if we are a good fit.

  • I reserve the right to say “no” to any book, no reason given. My blog, my choice.
  • I will say no if your book includes any of the following:
    • Scat, incest, pedo, zombies, or eroticized non-consent (rape, violence).
    • A high body-count of emotionally destructive events.
    • Eroticized drug use, such as using poppers, Ecstasy, or pot to improve sex.
    • Poor writing riddled with errors, unrealistic dialogue, or plastic characters.
    • Humiliation, pain or force that is non-consensual.
    • 100% plain vanilla sex.
  • I will say yes* if your book includes any of the following:
    • Strong female characters.
    • Safe, sane & consensual BDSM with at least one male Dom.
    • Older male/younger female, or older male/younger male. All 18+ of course.
    • High kink factor. Love the kink. Shock me with your kinky self, I dare you.
    • Monster or alien sex. Because, kinky.
    • Menage or multiple partners.

What Other Criteria Do You Have?

  • Preference given to self-published authors. I’m one. I support our indie community.
    • I am also a reviewer for Totally Bound Publishing; if a review appears on my blog, it’s because I liked/loved the book.
    • You may also see comments about “unsolicited reviews.” That means I loved a book I bought or KUed and chose to write a review that wasn’t requested.

How/Where Are Reviews Posted?

  • Reviews posted here are also posted to Goodreads (essentially the same review), Amazon US and Amazon UK (shorter forms of the review). I use, um, salty language here. That gets cleaned up for GR and the Zon. Authors or publishers will receive an email with review permalinks when available. I don’t post on any other sites. Note: The blog posts get tweeted (@sexidevi) and go on my Facebook timeline. 
  • Buy links are included in reviews. I always appreciate if an author sends me the buy links, saves me time in getting the review ready to post.


Long form Amazon URL:

Short form Amazon URL:

Writing is hard work. It’s also a labor of love. Thank you for considering me as a reviewer and entrusting your “baby” to me!


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